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You can run but you can almost never hide


3367659514_c6142563021[1]The extrovert in us all wants to go to the party, hang out, socialize, be friendly, casual, conversational and relaxed.

As humans it is pretty normal for us to interact with others and we regard those who avoid interaction as a little odd, introverted and anti social.

In fact some times the introvert can be just downright rude and deliberately alienates others – we all know one, we either write them off and complain to one another about them or on under extreme circumstances we try to educate them .

It’s a tricky issue.

3c6f3d6f2ed32daa976b0c69e035a611[1]We love extroversion and social interaction only up to a point, the point where there is no discomfort, awkwardness or inconvenience. Very few of us would allow ourselves to be made uncomfortable, embarrassed, inconvenienced or made to feel out of sorts if we can avoid it.

This is pretty much how a journey to the big city can be.

Jammed into a bus, tube train or overground train we’re forced into a confined space along with a bunch of other, nameless strangers of all shapes and sizes and varied degrees of social and personal hygiene.

It’s not that I am complaining, it’s just an observation.

d4dcac0a3470bb2abc9a573838deefff[1]The woman who holds up the tube train because she insists on jamming her way through the closing doors.

The wide stance passenger who occupies an area that overlaps the linear area extending from the armrests with his newspaper or arms or whatever.

The schoolboy with so many school bags and togs that he occupies two seats.

The yummy mummy who chooses to travel at the height of the commuter peak and occupies standing room for 5 people with the obnoxiously oversized push chair.

The passenger with the pitbull that occupies the footwell of an adjoining seat forcing passengers to stand.

The geriatric with their shopping dolly the size of a small car blocking the aisle.

add00907[1]The pair of non native English speakers who speak so loudly that you can hear them at the front of the bus even though they are seated right at the back – it almost always seems to be Spanish by the way…

The youth with his beats cranked up on his mobile phone that everyone can hear them – or worse,  the adult with no earphones and his phone blaring!

We stoically sit or stand, grinding our teeth, clenching our fists, staring blankly or swiningly out of the window or steadfastly forwards, avoiding eye contact or at a pinch roll our eyes when we see a fellow passenger equally jarred.

Teach your children respect for those around them and hopefully they will grow up to be conscious and aware and will never be the subject of someone else’s ire…