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We are more popular than Jesus

Buddy Christ
Buddy Christ from Dogma.

I had to laugh at this, it was 4 March 1966 and  in an interview published in The Evening Standard – the ever controversial, John Lennon of The Beatles  was quoted as having commented that  “We’re more popular than Jesus now”

The knee jerk reaction was that radio stations in the Netherlands and in Spain quickly banned the playing of all Beatles records as did the puritanical South African state broadcaster on August the 8th of the same year – the SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation).

The ban was accompanied by a statement that “The Beatles’ arrogance has passed the ultimate limit of decency. It is clowning no longer.”

The ban ironically probably just fermented even more interest in the group’s music but resulted in a decision on May the 1st of the same year, to hold the last British concert by the band at the Empire Pool in Wembley.

Though the band played in Memphis on August 20, 1966  they were reputedly pelted with rotten fruit by concert goers.  On 29 August  The Beatles play their very last concert at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California  – this was their fourth American tour with their last public concert.